About us

Stringhificio Serrano was founded in 1968, in the wake of the general growth of the footwear industry in Italy. Today, thanks to over 5 years of experience, the Company is a leader in the production of strings, cords of different yarns and waxed cords for the footwear, clothing and costume jewelry sectors.

In particular, for footwear Companies, Stringhificio Serrano offers the Professional Line, which is ideal for those who are looking for innovative and customized solutions, ranging from paper bands to toe cap and printed string: they all are products that play an important role for the enhancement of the shoe.

The continuous search for innovative raw materials, the use of trendy yarns, the development of samples make Stringhificio Serrano a competent and reliable partner, able to guarantee excellent quality, a good quality/price ratio and maximum respect for delivery times. Not surprisingly, the company cooperates with the most famous brands of fashion and luxury. All products from Stringhificio Serrano find a wide range of possibilities of application also in clothing, with cords and elastic braids of various sizes and colors. Following the latest fashion trends, the production has been enriched with a wide range of cords for costume jewelry.

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